Privacy Policy

Bahia Park Algeciras is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to its website, subscribers to its blog alert emails and those providing contact information. In addition, Bahia Park Algeciras is opposed to unauthorised commercial email delivery, otherwise known as spam. Please read the following Privacy and Spam Policy to understand how your personal information is treated.

What Information Does Bahia Park Algeciras Collect?

Bahia Park Algeciras only collects user-provided personally identifiable information. This information is provided when website visitors complete one of Bahia Park Algeciras’s online forms (examples include blog subscriptions or contact forms). The following list includes ways Bahia Park Algeciras collects personal information from website visitors and the type of information collected:

Blog Subscriptions:

To subscribe to Bahia Park Algeciras’s blog alert emails (which are similar to an electronic newsletter), it requests the following required information: (i) name, and (ii) email address. The provision of this information is mandatory in order to receive Bahia Park Algeciras’s blog alert emails. Bahia Park Algeciras relies on a third-party service, Aweber, to collect contact information and distribute blog alert emails.

Contact Forms:

To contact Bahia Park Algeciras for the purposes of evaluating or engaging its services or to answer your questions, we utilise numerous forms throughout our site. Required information varies depending on the form and normally includes (i) name, and (ii) email address. The provision of this information is mandatory in order to receive a response from Bahia Park Algeciras.

Does Bahia Park Algeciras Share My Information?

Bahia Park Algeciras will not share, rent or sell your personally identifiable information with third parties.